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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'll have blueberry pancakes. uh huh. actually, make that glazed pecans... ok. with chocolate... no... caramel sauce. whipped cream? uhhhhhhh, yeah... but on the side. introducing build your own pancakes. only at denny's. she's leaving her very public life behind. tonight, nadia lockyer said she has something more important to do. good evening, and thanks for joining us. jessica is off tonight. it's been a bizarre scandal involving sex, allegations of sex, drugs, and videotapes. nadia lockyer, the wife of state treasurer bill lockyer, is resigning as a alameda county supervisor, her once political career is flaming out in public view. monte francis joins us in the
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heyward hills. >> good evening. someone here at the house told us tonight she's not at home, but earlier tonight, she issued this letter explaining that she's resigning from office. there was no sign of nadia lockyer tonight at the home she shares with her husband, state treasurer, bill lockyer. but in the letter of resignation, she calls being a mother to their 8-year-old son her most important role and one she needs to focus on as she recovers from drug and alcohol addiction. she said, quote, i owe my families, constituents, staff, and colleagues a huge apapology. reality is i set my personal goals in recovery too high too quickly. >> she's a strong woman, very capable, and very, very friendly and nice and i'm sure she'll get her act toorlt. >> she goes on to say the recent trauma is just too much and something i can't ignore. she could be referring to a call
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to police made by a newspaper last week after a reporter received a rambling e-mail from nadia lockyer's e-mail address suggesting her husband who is 30 years her senior had supplied her with drugs. it ended with, i simply can't bear this any longer. good-bye to everybody. nadia later claimed her e-mail account was hacked. the scandal broke in february when she called police, sending her former boyfriend had assaulted her in a hotel. the two reportedly met in rehab, and he's also accused of sending bill lockyer a sex tape of them weeks before the attack. given all that's happened, the fellow supervisors say they support her decision to step down. >> it's a tragic story. i think that cleary when she came to the board, she had a lot going for her. and i think, you know, in time, she'll have a lot going for her in the future. >> she did it as a result of
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focusing on her family, her young son, diego, and her healing process of herself. then clearly, i support that. >> the state treasurer bill lockyer issued a statement of his own saying i fully support nadia's decision. the last year took a great toll on nadia. it's best for her, best for our son diego, and best for our family that she leavefice her supervisors will discuss accepting her formal resignation on tuesday. they have gift days to replace a temporary replacement. >> thank you. across the bay, another high profile political scandal. suspended san francisco sheriff must now make his case to san francisco's ethics commission. the hearings will begin monday. today, a judge did not overturn the suspension. sales, that means the process to remove him from office moves forward. once the commission reviews the
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misconduct case, it will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. ultimately, it's up to the board to make the final decision. >> you can have this ethics commission impose these particular members, decide these are the rules we're going toplay by for this hearing. five years down the road, in separate removal proceedings for someone else, it could be completely different. >> that shows you there are no standards for this proceeding and it's fundamentally unfair. >> he was suspended without pay after the sheriff pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment. it stems from a new year's eve argument with his wife in which he bruised her arm. >> search and rescue teams are changing tactics in their hunt for sierra lamar. they tell nbc they will conduct a refined search of morgan hill and gilroy. that happens tomorrow. in addition, members of the
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49ers will be there and specialized search and rescue teams will comb santa clara county using detection dogs and the off-road enforcement unit. the search begins at 9:00 a.m. and lasted until sunset. >> oikos university will reopen monday morning. this is three weeks after the deadly shooting rampage by a former student. he shot and killed six students and a receptionist on april 2nd. the 43-year-old has been charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. >> just in tonight, a sacramento man is dead after a massive man hunt that closed interstate 80 in both directions for hours. deputies fired shots and smoke rose from a sacramento apartment following a day-long man hunt. investigators are calling him the suspect. the chase started around 6:00 this morning when the suspect allegedly car jacked a truck, opened fire on officers and
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crashed on i-80. he fled the scene on foot. that's when police shut down the freeway, which caused major traffic headaches in the area. the weekend warm-up is under way. as we approach midnight, it's still warm in many places around the bay area. here is the south bay. hundreds of people are out enjoying this beautiful weather. tomorrow, though, watch out. two reports tonight. jeff will have details about tomorrow's hot spots, but we start with george who joins us from a very warm san jose. george? >> it definitely does not feel like april. more like early july. take a look. live here on santana row in san jose. people taking advantage of the nice weather and dancing the night away. santana row on a friday night, on a very warm, steamy friday night.
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perfect weather to dance a little salsa. >> i'm from peru, and to be here with this weather for me is just perfect. >> restaurants and bars with an outdoor area or patio are loving the summer like weather. we're still a couple months away from the official start of summer, but don't tell that to these people. >> given by the gods, you know, you have to enjoy it. >> enjoying every second and every lick of ice cream were these folks, standing in line at the sweet recrete in san jose. warm weather brought out those who could not resist a frozen treat. >> i have been waiting for summer for a long time. and celebrating it tonight. >> remember last week? yes, it was rainy, thunder, and lightning. all of that, a distant memory now. >> it feels like summer. all the way until the end of summer it could stay like this. >> businesses here on santana row are expecting a very busy
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weekend. tomorrow will be hot again, and the place should be packed one more time. live here in santana row, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of smiles on this friday night. let's bring in jeff ranieri with detail numbers for this weekend. people are going crazy. >> they are. it's like george is on vacation, like he went to another country. everybody is so excited about this warm weather coming in and high pressure is going to stick around long enough for this weekend that we'll be able it enjoy a lot of the 80-degree heat. high pressure is moving right over california. at the current moment, it's producing some of the warmest weather since october 13th. nearly six months since it's been this hot. the high today, 91 degrees. here's the thing with the current temperatures still in the upper 60s. we're going to have a quick move on it tomorrow. so we do think by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, we could even have some mid- to upper 70s
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inland. we'll let you know who will hit 90 degree temperatures and what it means for your allergies. >> we'll see you then. before racing into the sunset, a yacht club in tiburon paused to honor the crew of low speed chase. they dedicated the races to the five sailors swept overboard near the island last weekend. a moment of silence is held before this evening's first gun. one body was recovered, but four crew members still remain missing and are presumed dead. tomorrow night, the san francisco yacht club will hold a memorial. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. >> the world hears from george zimmerman for the first time today. tonight, why the parents of trayvon martin are not allowed to respond. and it's been around longer than the golden gate bridge. hours away from last call at a bay area landmark. and meet the tubby cat that
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tips the scales at close to 40 pounds. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. it will be hot tomorrow. we'll have 90s, not quite that warm at the local beaches as you see here. stinson beach expecting mid-70s. interior sections in the south bay expected to get into the 90s. we'll let you know who will reach the 90 degree mark in a few minutes.
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the tray vavyvon martin cask a surprising turn. george zimmerman took the stand and apologized to trayvon's
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parents. >> george zimmerman, hands shackled, entered the court room and for the first time, he and trayvon martin's parents saw each other face-to-face. the 28-year-old who fired a single shot that killed 17-year-old trayvon martin took the stand to apologize. >> i wanted to say i am sorry. for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. and i did not know if he was armed or not. >> by putting him on the stand, zimmerman's lawyers opened him up to limited questions from the prosecutor. >> why did you wait so long to tell mr. martin and the victim's mother, the father and mother, why did you wait so long to tell them? >> i was told not to communicate with them. >> so even through your attorney, you didn't ask to do it right away, your former attorneys or anything? >> i did ask them to express that to them. >> the defense challenged the state's lead investigator who
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coauthored the probable cause aft. the reads in part, zimmer member confronted martin and a struggle ensued. >> you have evidence who started the fight? >> no. >> what cdid he tell the offenses? >> that he was the victim in this. and that it was martin that confronted him and assaulted him. >> the affidavit also said zimmerman profiled the black teenager? >> why did yous you profile over that notice,over, saw, anything other than the precise word, profiled? by the way, was that your word? did you come up with the word? >> i don't recall. >> but investigator gilbreath said what zimmerman told police the night of the shooting doesn't add up. >> wouldn't you agree a lot of the statements could be kriblthed by the evidence, either witnesses or based on what he said himself. >> by law, trayvon martin's
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parents were not allowed to speak in court today. the attorneys call the apology self-serving. >> when he made all those statements to the police, why not show remorse there if he was sincerely apologetic for killing this unarmed child. >> that was kerry sanders reporting. also testifying by phone was zimmerman's father. he said his son had injuries to the back of his head and face. zimmerman is still in custody. >> plan b for vice president joe biden. his plane had a run-in with birds in santa barbara. two or three birds struck the right side of air force two as it landed. no one was hurt. the plane was grounded for quite some time. biden was in santa barbara for a fund-raising event and flew back to the capital in another air force plane. >> san jose state has a new president. the oldest school in the csu system inaugerated a new
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president. >> change is constant. thus the best way we can protect the university's future is to create it ourselves. >> he is originally from afghanistan. he says education was his savior. among the notable people who attended, the afghan ambassador and chuck reed. before taking this job, he was the president at csu east bay. >> called 420, a day of celebration in the marijuana junt, but it's been a day of pain and crime for students in morgan hill who ate cookies laced with pot. the person who brought them to the campus will be held accountable. police say they all volunteered to go to the police station for a blood test. >> did they know what they were ingesting? >> as the investigation unfolds a bit more, i believe so. at least some of them did. a couple of them said they
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didn't. >> the principal said his staff is trained on the signs and symptoms of drug use and was asked to be extra vigilant today. >> the health department said the kitchen is filthy and the building is outdated, but people still love it. as we speak, people are lined up around the block to show their support for sam wo's restaurant in china town. the san francisco institution might be forced to shut down tonight. sheryl heard joins us from the city. >> as i was walking along this line, i could hear arn's personal story about the restaurant. everyone is sad to see it go. >> my mom used to send my dad here at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning because she had to have a hankering for chow mein. >> the line wrapped around the corner in the heart of san francisco's china town. sam wo, the 100-year-old restaurant has been ordered to renovate or close. >> we get annual inspections, and never have we had, you know,
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any inspector say that. okay, this is, you know, not suitable. >> she said the health department is demanding the restaurant keep up with safety codes in modern standards, but the foodies and nonfoodies standing in line could care less about that. walking through the kitschb to the table is no big deal. >> this place is not about the food. it's about an iconic landmark in san francisco. it's all about the entertainment, the energy, the atmosphere, and the rude waiters. it's like the perfect storm. >> some people came here to get insulted by a waiter who helped put the restaurant on the map. >> we wanted to order something, and he wouldn't let us order. he said, you can't have that tonight. he insisted on picking out our food. >> but rachel drove all the way here from san diego for a different reason. she's been coming here all of her life. >> my mom and i used to come here, so -- >> you want a hug?
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>> for rachel, she says it's like saying good-bye to her mother again. this might be the last good-bye for san wo's unless a meating next week with the health department will bring about a miracle. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> sheryl is giving hugs tonight for all of the disappointed patrons. >> i went there in 1984. >> i haven't tried it, but hopefully it will stick around. >> we have until 3:00 a.m. >> let's take a look at the weather forecast today. just in case you missed it earlier, some of the hottest temperatures right across the peninsula and also the east bay. 91 in redwood city. and let's take you out. what you'll find in san francisco, clear skies across the city. back into the coastline, we are dealing with patchy fog that will be with us into tomorrow
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morning. back on the weather graphics, what we'll find, at least at the current moment, is these numbers are so mild out here, right now, 67 in san jose. 67 in concord, and also 67 in gilr gilroy. then you get near the coastline, and we're seeing cooling. onshore flow near the coastline. it's going to be somewhat warm for you as you wake up tomorrow. overall, we'll have the fog at the coastline with even a few areas of drizzle. throughout saturday, that's the warmest day in the past six months is expected to rise. we'll go up more nomwhat wi had today. storm track to the north. there's no way the rainfall is going to get here with high pressure building off from the south and shielding all this activity. as advertised, it will bring us the 90-degree temperatures on saturday. the whole weekend is not going to be hot from start to finish. as we head to sunday, we'll notice cooling at the coastline and gradual cooling in the interior sections. saturday, if you want the heat, that's the best day for you.
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we'll start off with the fog at the coastline, maybe near the peninsula. it will start to push back by 1:00 and 2:00. everyone expecting a sunny finish for saturday. if you're headed to the beach, let's say santa cruz, 84 degrees by 4:00 p.m. and expecting clear skies. the other talk is allergies, all indications are that everything will be in the high category for saturday and also sunday. but we'll get cooler weather in here in the next week that will help that out. as for the morning, we'll start out in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. won't need the jacket for too long in the morning hours. 92 in gilroy, 90 in palo alto. a string of nienlts to liver more, pleasantten, and near the bay. 75 in pacifica, and santa rosa expecting 89. on the three-day forecast, we'll cool things down by monday with
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temperatures in the mid-70s inland, and fog and return. next best chance of rain looks to arrive as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday of next week with considerable chances of rain on thursday. but let's just not -- you know, think about that right now. the weekend is just minutes away. so i'm all about that. >> we started a few hours ago. >> don't tell everybody. >> coming up, why this local father and son team will soon be making international headlines because of their new yeek role in the london olympics. stay with us. ♪
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it's an olympic rarity. a father and son team is headed to london for the summer games. what is so rare? dad is the coach. he's a three-time olympian himself, and now he's the head coach for team usa fencing. the star of the team, his teenage son, alexander, who just earned a spot on the team. the high school senior who is headed to stanford in the fall,
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trained at the foundation in san francisco. we wish them well. we'll be live in london this summer with all of the local news. >> let's bring in mindy. we're talking about fencing. were you an olympic caliber swimmer? i knee you were a collegiate swimmer? >> i wish i was olympic caliber. it was fun. i swam at ucla and had a great time. my chances were slim. coming up in sports, the a's look for their fourth straight and their first winning record. we'll have highlights from the oakland coliseum, and barry zito provides another solid start. will it be enough to topehe mets in the big apple? highlights ahead. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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welcome to the xfinity
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sports deck. after three starts, it looks like barry zito has found his old form. he went five innings gave up four hits and two earned runs. the rest of the game took longer than normal to finish. after zito went out after five innings, six relievers came in. straight to the tenth. hector sanchez, base hit up the middle. melky cabrera is going to come around to score. the giants take a one-run lead. in the bottom of the inning, clay hensley on to hopefully close it out. two on, one out, he strikes out jason bay. one more to go. he sends it deep to center. and it's an easy out. the giants hold on to win 4-3. >> big hit by hector. he's done a nice job and clenched up there for us. and hensley, the job he did, he saved our skin tonight. a tough situation to put a pitcher in, but he got it done.
11:28 pm
that's where experience really helps. >> three-game winning streak. hosting the indians. and josh redick, over the wall in right. his second of the season. this game is tied at 1-1. top of the fourth, two on for jack hannahan. he's going to send it to left field. going to end up on second base. the winning run is going to come around as they would go on to win 4-3. >> command, that's obvious. you know, stuff wise, i was pleased with it. couldn't locate when i needed to, and when you give them that many opportunities, especially this ball club, they're going to figure out a way to get runs across. >> and a young warriors team taking on the mavericks. dirk nowitzki takes wright to
11:29 pm
the rack. he finishes. 16 points in the game for nowitzki. later in the second quarter, the warriors coming back. clay thompson lays it in, and they're down one at the half. at the fourth quarter, dallas blown away. jason terry from outside. part of an 11-2 mavs run. dallas goes on to win 104-94. we want to remind you the giants are back in action on saturday against the mets. 9:30 on comcast and the sharks fighting for their playoff lives. they have to beat the blues or their season is done. and i'm thinking about the olympics. if i could be any olympian, i would want to be natalie coughlin. that would be great. anytime. >> we're back in a moment. ♪
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